Meet our team of virtual assistants

Ada Skipel, team leader

Ada was our founding Skipel Assistant.

We chose the name Ada as a tribute to Ada Lovelace the mathematician and writer, who just so happened to have written instructions for the first ever computer programme - no mean feat, given she lived in the Victorian era, long before the first ever computer!

Ada Lovelace was interested in a how individuals and society relate to technology as a collaborative tool, so we like to think she’d have appreciated what we’re doing with Skipel.

Skipel was founded in 2015, the 200th birthday of Ada Lovelace. We thought it apt that such a computer visionary be commemorated in a small way by naming our first virtual assistant after her.

Skip, team supervisor

Skip gets a kick out of making your life easier. His fingers are hovering above his keyboard right now, waiting for the next meeting request in his inbox. He’s polite and authoritative - perfect for your business needs.

Rudi, team motivator

If Rudi had a middle name (he doesn’t), it would be ‘Earnest’, as in eager or enthusiastic.

Copy him into your emails and you’re certain to see this enthusiasm shine through, and probably a few more exclamation marks than are healthy. Want to set up a drink with friends? Rudi is your man.

Yogi, team oddity

Yogi has a funny way about him, and we’re not sure where he comes from. But he’s got an uncanny, some would say otherworldly, ability to set up meetings. Like Rudi, probably best to use him for social occasions.