Welcome to Skipel

Effortless meeting scheduling

Say goodbye to time-sapping email ping pong and hello to your new digital assistant, Ada

Hi, happy to help set up this meeting…

Ada Skipel, team leader

No apps. No downloads. Just create an account and start cc’ing Ada. That’s it.

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Want to set up a meeting?

Just do what you normally do. Email your guests with an idea of when you want to meet. The magic starts when you cc Ada.

Ada coordinates so you don’t have to

In the blink of an eye Ada will scan your email, check your calendar and preferences and suggest time slots to your guests, without bothering you. If your guests are signed up to Skipel, she’ll even check their calendars.

And gets back to you once she's done the legwork

Once Ada has found a time that works for everyone, she’ll send an importable meeting calendar appointment.

Ada works the way you work. With or without external calendar integration. Via email or web voting.

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